Paula Müller, artistically known as Pau Mueller is a Cuban-Swiss artist who jumped into the music industry in 2021 with her first song “Bandida” after a couple of good songs and high quality productions with renowned producers in the city of Miami and LA, step by step she has achieved an important recognition in the music industry, This year 2024 begins with everything, she has decided to release “Solo Pa Mí” song that she composed with Oscarcito in the city of Miami and that shows us a more sexy and uninvolved side of the artist because she only wants to have fun in love and although it does not belong to anyone, she makes it very clear to her partner that it is only for her.
The song is available on all digital platforms starting this February 14th, although a week before she announced its release exclusively for the platform “” a new streaming and social media network in support of independent artists.
Enjoy “Solo Pa Mí” and find out what it has to offer.

Fans can purchase “Solo Pa Mí” for 1.8 USD on the artist’s website as NFT and listen to it on the streaming service for free, plus fans share in the revenue from the streaming sales of the song they invested in.