SPOZZ.club is not only creating an ecosystem that seeks to revolutionize the world of music and art, but also provides support to artists without experience in Web3 so they can make the onboarding to these new technologies. In this article, we will learn about the case of Cuban artist Danae Huerta, who lives in Madrid and will soon start creating with the support of SPOZZ.

The artist Danae Huerta took her first steps in art at a very young age and considers that she had her path marked even before she was born, since her father is also an artist. In fact, her name -Danae- refers to a famous work by French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

With her father’s reference, Danae Huerta created her own path in art. Thus, she obtained several awards and recognitions, such as the 1st National Prize at the “22 Salón de la Ciudad” in Havana, Cuba, and the Honorable Mention at the “Bienal Internacional Artes Suba” in Bogota, Colombia. Meanwhile, she has participated in many personal and collective exhibitions.

The path of life led her to a fork in the road and, thus, she migrated to Madrid to continue growing. Today, a new bifurcation or widening of the landscape appears before her eyes, from all the new opportunities that Web3 technology offers to artists, both to create their works and to contact new communities and monetize their creations. 

The journey through this new landscape will be accompanied by SPOZZ. Regarding this new adventure, the artist Huerta commented: “I haven’t explored much about NFTs and Web3 technology yet and I am eager to open myself to this new world with SPOZZ”.

“My expectations regarding SPOZZ is to be able to be part of this community from which I can learn a lot and, at the same time, enter the digital world, which is new to me,” she told SPOZZ Blog. She added: “I believe that NFT technology can help me find new ways to monetize my artistic works as well as new ways to express my art”.

In this sense, the artist Danae considered: “For example, I am excited about the idea that people interested in buying an NFT from me will also have the option of not only buying the digital image but also the tangible and palpable artwork”.


About her beginnings as an artist, Danae said: “Ever since I have been conscious, I have surrounded myself with art. From a very young age, my father took me to the exhibitions of his colleagues and friends. He has told me anecdotes that, when I started to walk, there were many times that I grabbed his brushes and painted his pictures. But he loved that and always left me to see what I was doing”.

Danae lived the first years of her childhood in a Cuban town called Sibanicú, until her family moved to Havana. There, already in her teens, Danae graduated from the National School of Fine Arts ¨San Alejandro¨, which is the oldest arts academy in Cuba.

In 2020, Danae decided to emigrate to Madrid. “I’ve been here for a relatively short time and I’m still getting familiar with the way of life in this great country, with which we Cubans have so much in common,” she told SPOZZ Blog.

Huerta indicated that, since she began studying, she always sought to have an artistic style that would distinguish and identify her. “My style of painting represents how contradictory some if not many stories of my life and my surroundings have become. If I could give it a name it would be Abstract-Realism,” she said.

In his work appears the premise «To look is not to see», so a thread that binds all his pictorial creations is the distortion in the form of glass blocks. In this sense, he has created the series ‘Mirar no es ver 1’, where he tries that the paintings can represent his way of remembering. 

“I usually try to rescue happy moments of my childhood. Like a flashback, I notice an impediment to the sharpness of the reflected moment. Photography as documentation becomes the only palpable record of the moments lived, only that there are always small details, but no less important, that escape it. The titles of the pieces allude to other parallel events of the same painted memory”.

In the series ‘Mirar no es ver 2’, self-portraits appear where distortion disappears in eyes and mouth. “I perceive the reality that surrounds me with my own criteria and I will always be free to shout what I think. The faces painted in cheerful colors represent memories of my childhood, since, in spite of all setbacks, this feeling has reigned,” explained Huerta. 

Those who wish to know more about Danae Huerta’s works can see images of them on her Instagram account @zibanicu.