The Merchants project has two trading bots on BTC-USD and ETH-USD pairs, whose signals are available to their holders. In addition, its founders note that they created the first heat maps for NFTs. In this article, they tell the business model of the project and give some guidelines of what may come in the future.

With art inspired by those who drove the industrial revolution in the 19th century and with the mindset set on those currently driving the blockchain revolution of the 21st century, the Merchants project drives the development of a large community around crypto trading and NFTs. 

The founders of Merchants, Dux Camarilla@Mr_camarilla– and Asocial –@Asocial202-, have experience in crypto trading since 2016, and in 2021 they launched two trading bots that have great importance within the project setup.

Regarding these trading bots, @Mr_camarilla commented on SPOZZ Blog: “Both bots have achieved very good results in the last year and a half. In our whitepaper, we present all the data directly from Trading View.”

“Of what was collected during the mining of Merchants’ NFTs, of which there are 1111 and there will be none more, 80 percent was put into trade capital that is executed according to the signals of both bots,” Dux recounted. And he added: “The important thing is that 75 percent of the profits obtained is from the holders, while another 15 percent is reinvested to increase the trade capital more and more”.

Meanwhile, according to the project, another 10 percent of this capital goes to the maintenance of the bots, to new developments and another part is for the team. 

On the project’s Discord channel, holders can access signals from both bots. “Our bots are swing trade bots, so the signals they provide are intended for days and even weeks,” the founder detailed.

“Importantly, we also have two heat maps for NFTs in the Solana network: one of them represents the first 500 projects by capitalization, while the other focuses on the first 300 projects by daily volume,” said Dux. He added: “These are the first heat maps on NFTs created for any chain.


Dux, who has lived in China for seven years and has created two companies there, says that one of the aspects in Merchants’ favor is that its managers have experience in business management and that, in turn, Merchants’ survival does not depend on the price variation of NFT. 

The other founder of Merchants is @Asocial202, who has more than 10 years in the telecommunications area and created his own company in that sector. Meanwhile, also part of the team is @10nixenK0, who has been running his own marketing company for years. @Mr_camarillamentioned that one of Merchants’ strengths is that they have extensive networking within the NFT world, which is also allowing them to offer very good whitelists to their holders.

“Our main interest with Merchants’ NFTs was not the money we raised during the mining, because any trading service can involve a higher monthly payout than an NFT from our collection is worth, which gives you access to swing trade signals for life,” said Dux. He added, “Our purpose is to build a community and a brand.”

In Camarilla’s words, Merchants has a business vision that points in several directions going forward. “Reaching agreements with other Web3 projects, as well as with established companies both in the crypto area and outside the crypto area, is and will be a priority for us.” 

In a more advanced stage of the project, Merchants plans to open the possibility for private capital from inside and outside the community to use the bots, which will seek to increase Merchants’ treasury and generate more attention in the purchase of NFTs from the collection.  

Dux explained: “Other communities will be able to access the bots and provide this service to their holders. To do so, they will have to purchase a certain amount of NFTs from Merchants. Accordingly, we have also created a Discord bot to make this bot signal service fully deployable and automated”.

The founder noted that they are already working on creating more trading bots and more Discord bots, which will be marketed to other communities


The Merchants DAO will be made up of the strong core of the community, i.e. those who have given early support to the project or have made significant contributions to it.

The maximum number of members will be 100 and will never be expanded, while the DAO chamber will receive, for life, 1 percent of the total royalties from secondary sales of the nfts in the collection.

In addition, all DAO chamber members will receive an NFT in the form of a 3D whiskey bottle. This NFT will be required to access the DAO. The bottle may be sold in secondary markets, at the cost of losing a place among these 100 exclusive members and giving its place to the person who acquires it.


The Merchants’ art and apparel are inspired by the 19th-century merchants who drove the industrial revolution while drawing a historical parallel to the blockchain revolution that has begun in recent years. 

Skulls mark a distinctive feature in this collection and represent the deceased merchants of the 19th century. Likewise, this collection also seeks to be a tribute to all merchants driving the Web3 era.

“It took us more than six months to develop the collection because we put a lot of dedication into it,” Dux said. And he specified, “We wanted to maintain a high standard in each of the Merchants NFTs, so we have defined 36 different categories of attributes.”

“It has been a lot of work, but we consider that we have achieved the goal that each Merchant has a very good level, which is something very important for us, because all NFT projects that are leaders in any blockchain are projects with a strong picture profile and this is because we humans look for signs that allow us to identify ourselves, something that also happens in the NFTs ecosystem,” Dux analyzed.


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This article is informational and does not represent investment advice. Everyone should do their own research and act on their own knowledge, preferences and financial situation.