Pau Mueller upcoming singles on SPOZZ


The young artist Pau Mueller, who is composing songs together with producer Yakozuki (Oscarcito), will release her next singles from the urban genre on the SPOZZ platform by NFT music.

Paula Mueller has made several indie-pop songs in English, but a few months ago, she decided to reinvent herself and start releasing Latin and urban songs. In the next few months, she will release two songs that she indicated as her favorites and will be turned into NFTs.

“The songs that I plan to release in the next two months are of the urban genre and I have written them together with the renowned artist and producer Yakozuki (Oscarcito – who has created different musical singles that have achieved international fame and has collaborated with great artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Bad Bunny, Marc Anthony, Thalía and Natti Natasha)”, said Mueller.

The young singer highlighted: “The upcoming singles are my favorites among all the songs I have made so far, and I am very happy because very soon they will be able to share them with everyone”.

True to her youth and facing new challenges, the young Pau Mueller has not only decided to start her path in the urban genre, but she will also introduce her music to the world of NFTs.

In principle, her next two singles will be shared as NFT music on the SPOZZ platform. “SPOZZ seems to me to be a very interesting platform for independent artists like me. It seems to me the best possibility to sell my music and to be able to obtain benefits”, assured Mueller.

In this sense, the young singer indicated that “SPOZZ’s system for converting songs into NFTs and sharing them with the community is very transparent and allows for greater returns for artists, so for the time being, I plan to release all my projects online. SPOZZ”.

“It’s an amazing platform for artists who love what they do and want to be able to sell their art in an easy and transparent way. SPOZZ helps artists to be able to sell their art on their terms and for whatever price seems fair to the artists,” she concluded.

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