SPOZZies – and especially the “Pioneers” batch – will be the first entry key to owning SPOZZ tokens, a stable and useful currency in the SPOZZ Club ecosystem, consisting of its Marketplace, the Streaming App for Android and iOS and the launchpad “Tokenizzer”.

SPOZZ members will be able to stake their SPOZZie NFT and claim 5’000 SPOZZ Tokens during the first 1’000 days from the Staking Pool. As the token is designed to be a stable currency within the SPOZZ Ecosystem (1 Token = 1 Cent USD), this represents a value of 50.- USD that comes with every purchase of a membership.

Every day, 5 tokens per minted NFT in the batch will be distributed among the staked NFTs. For example, the batch includes 250 NFTs. 250 x 5 tokens/day = 1,250 tokens/day. These are distributed among the staked NFTs. With 250 NFTs staked that is 5 tokens/day/NFT, with 100 NFTs staked that is 12.5 tokens/day/NFT. The earlier and longer you stake, the more tokens you will receive.


The Pioneers batch consists of 250 SPOZZies and each holder who stakes their NFT is entitled to receive 5 SPOZZ tokens per day for each staked NFT during the existence of the staking pool (1000 days).

In numbers:

  • 1 SPOZZie Pioneer = Reward of 5 SPOZZ tokens per day.
  • 250 SPOZZies Pioneers = Reward 1250 SPOZZ tokens per day.


This distribution would theoretically occur if all SPOZZies were staked from the first to the last day of the pool. The reality will likely be that if, for example, in practice only half of the SPOZZies were staked in a day, the pool would distribute the total number of tokens foreseen for that day (1250) across 125 SPOZZies, making each NFT to receive 10 SPOZZ tokens.

This yield applies to each SPOZZie kept in staking. Of course, if a holder has 10 SPOZZies, he will receive the percentage corresponding to the percentage share of the pool that day. For example, if there were 100 SPOZZies in staking in the pool, that holder would receive 10 percent of the total reward; that is, 125 SPOZZ tokens.

Of course, this pool will incentivize daily holders to maintain the staking of SPOZZies. And if on average only half remains in this pool during its existence, a holder with perfect presence in this pool would receive a SPOZZ token worth $100 at the end of these 1000 days.

You should already be aware that SPOZZies have various utilities that will increase as the ecosystem develops, but belonging to the liquidity pool guarantees the receipt of a stable number of tokens that exceeds the current dollar value of an NFT in this collection. It is true that one must wait 1000 days, but it is also true that what is not sown is not reaped.


  • Total supply of SPOZZ token: 10’000’000’000 (ten billion).
  • SPOZZ Token stable price in its first years: U$ 0.01
  • The amount of SPOZZ token that a holder can receive for each SPOZZie from the staking Pool is 5’000 (U$50) if you stake your SPOZZie from the beginning to the end.
  • SPOZZ token distribution to SPOZZies Batch Pioneers holders: daily for 1’000 days.