Collaboration of the short film Ánima Nft digital art with Spozz.Club


Nft digital art is coming to the world to stay and this is evident when we find the incorporation of film into the nft world. Filmmaker Ana Victoria Pérez, director of the short film Ánima starring Ana de Armas, will collaborate with SPOZZ.Club. It will be another step towards the link between the world of film and the world of Nft digital art.

Director Ana Victoria Pérez (Bebé), who has a great professional career, will join the world of NFTs through the SPOZZ platform by sharing her work as a filmmaker through a collection.

In Ana Victoria Pérez’s professional career, she stands out for directing the short film Ánima, starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas, who is the main figure in the upcoming Netflix series (Blonde), in which she embodies none other than Marilyn Monroe.

“It is a pleasure to be able to share my work as a filmmaker through SPOZZ,” valued Ana Victoria Pèrez. She added: “The NFT market is a paradigm shift for independent artists. A new way to distribute, produce and finance our work”.

With this collaboration with SPOZZ, director Pérez joins the world of Nft digital art. It is worth mentioning that non-fungible tokens represent a technological breakthrough and allow to attribute ownership to digital works for filmmakers, musicians, photographers and artists in general.

In this sense, SPOZZ.club will bring together creators and investors. It will feature an advanced multi-chain marketplace, where users will be able to create, promote, exchange and manage tokenized assets on and off-chain.