SPOZZ Club brings its community members the opportunity to participate in the Octopus Gang project’s free mint, which will be launched on the Polygon network. There will be 20 whitelists available.

The process to get the whitelist (WL) for the Octopus Gang project is very simple: the first 20 members of the SPOZZ community who go to the Octopus Gang Discord and open a ticket to identify themselves as members of the SPOZZ community, will get their place in the free mint which will have its starting at 7 p.m. in Spain on September 22.

Octopus Gang is developed on the Polygon network and will have a total supply of 1,001 NFTs. Each whitelist will give the chance to mint one NFT from this collection for free. Those who access the WL will only have to pay a few cents on the dollar, depending on the gas fee on the Polygon network.

Each WL will give access to mint an NFT from this collection, while owning an Octopus will allow its holders to have access to a magazine where topics related to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be discussed. Also, there may be more benefits for Octopus holders in the future.

WL minting will be maintained for 48 hours. Later, if NFTs remain available from this collection, those wallets that have their WL will be able to acquire one more Octopus until these items are exhausted.

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