Behind @TheBastards_xyz is an animation studio based in Europe. According to the creators, animation and intellectual property will always be fundamental pillars in this project and, through this brand, they will seek to expand in Web3. 

The team has years of experience in Web2 and, since the launch of The Bastards NFT collection in mid-March, they have had a total volume of over 206K SOL. Based on the support from the community, they have added more people to the staff, so they currently have about twenty animators and developers.

The work in this studio is divided between those dedicated to animations and images specifically linked to The Bastards and those who are dedicated to developing products for other Web3 projects.

According to The Bastards executives, this work for other Web3 projects will help them to establish alliances, collaborations and events with influential people within this ecosystem and to establish The Bastards brand.

SkyPunch is the name of the animation studio that created and is behind The Bastards. At Web2, they have worked primarily in the creative space of mobile gaming, collaborating with brands such as Rovio, Voodoo, CCP Games, Supercell, Machine Zone and Warner Bros. 

As indicated by the project managers, there is no ceiling to what they can develop in Web3. To do so, they take the example of what is offered by some well-known brands worldwide in terms of intellectual property, such as Marvel or Disney, which offer products in different formats: movies, action figures, collectible cards, comics and even theme parks. 

The Bastards project plans to carry out events in the physical world, comics, short and long animations, and develop physical merchandise as well as customization of NFTs. 

According to its founders, they are looking to develop new strategies such as, for example, developing a comic as a limited edition physical collectible, which is acquired through a gamified event on The Bastards collectibles platform or by attending an NFT event.


When shaping the project and entering the Web3 world, the creators of the SkyPunch studio decided to create their own universe and a protagonist for it. 

And from there came “The Bastard”; a tough cowboy whose origin is mysterious. Before the collection’s minecraft, they introduced this character to the community through animations. Indeed, this character gives rise to collection items with different appearances depending on the specific traits possessed by each NFT.

A few weeks after The Bastards NFTs were mined, the airdrop of 5252 NFTs with the whiskey bottle was distributed among the holders. According to the project managers, as the brand expands, the Bastards NFTs and whiskey bottle NFTs will be key to gaining access to the products they develop.

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