The @TaiyoRobotics NFTs’s images may remind you of those cartoons in which different robots are assembled to form a bigger and stronger one. In a way, the real story of this project tells of a reconstruction – what in the jargon of NFTs is called “derug” – to finally reach an even greater dimension. Currently, its ecosystem has a launchpad, it has technology under development, several interconnected NFT collections, its own token… And more.

Not only the appearance of Taiyo Robotics’ NFTs, but its entire ecosystem can be likened to one of those giant assembled cartoon robots: there is the head, which is Taiyo Robotics’ own collection, consisting of 2121 items and with a historical volume exceeding 388K SOL; one of its most powerful arms is the Taiyo Pilots collection, with 12. 500 items and a volume of 820K SOL; likewise, its gigantic body consists of Taiyo Infants, with 1499 items and a volume of 196K SOL; Taiyo Oil, with 2226 items and a volume of 189K SOL; and Taiyo Armory parts, with 966 items and a volume of 940 SOL.

Speaking to SPOZZ Blog, Taiyo Pilots’ Operators faction Co-leader Kronos –@TheEyeOpener18 – commented: “Taiyo Robotics had a great growth since @SolportTom took the reins of the project. This way, what is known as ‘derug’ took place, which is basically to bring back a project that has been in decline or stopped, but has a great community and put it in the center of the scene again”.

So this story of giant robots towering over the Solana skyline has its own “hero” who took it upon himself to bring the project back to life: @SolportTom, whose name alludes to the launchpad that is part of the Taiyo Robotics ecosystem.

“Currently, the Taiyo ecosystem is very broad and has a lot of things in mind to develop,” Kronos said. He added: “This is because the core team specializes in creating technology and is recognized for delivering innovative experiences. Within the Taiyo ecosystem there is not only the Solport launchpad, but also, for example, a technology for revealing collections.

On the other hand, Kronos understands that the project has a particular way of interacting with its community, by generating events in which holders can play (as was the case of Defeat the Kraken) and has in development Solsteads citizens, which contemplates the realization of games focused on the arcade.


Taiyo Robotics is composed of three classes of NFTs: Taiyo Robotics (Gen1), Taiyo Infants (Gen2) and Taiyo Oil. According to the mentors of this project, they are not separate projects, but interconnected. Hence, the metaphor of the giant assembled robot seems valid.

Well, Taiyo Robotics (Gen1) and Taiyo Infants (Gen2) have the same utility, although an Infant has one-third the utility of the Gen1 NFTs. This translates into the staking benefit obtained in Graphite – the token of this ecosystem – being triple for Gen1 holders with respect to Gen2 holders.

Meanwhile, Taiyo Oil was distributed by airdrop to all Gen1 and Gen2 holders in 2022. The initial purpose of this collection was to act as a whitelist for the subsequent emergence of Taiyo Pilots. 

Regarding this ecosystem’s token, Graphite, Kronos stated, “It will be used in all Taiyo collections and will also motivate other projects to acquire such a token, as it will be a multi-chain token, not only dependent on Solana, which could be used on different payment platforms.”

In addition, holders of a Taiyo Gen1 are expected to have a surprise airdrop in Ethereum in the course of 2023. “This will also start to shape the intention that the Taiyo brand will be present on all blockchains,” Kronos weighed in.

On the other hand, Taiyo is creating sub-brands and is hiring CEOs for each of them. It is anticipated that the profits from those sub-brands will be used to support the ecosystem, pay the team and create a steady cash flow. In this regard, for example, the Taiyo ecosystem is developing its own casino where gambling games will be available.


According to Kronos, the emergence of Taiyo Pilots was planned by @SolportTom more than a year ago: “Beyond the ‘derug’ of Taiyo Robotics, he always wanted to make his own project from the ground up, applying his ideas from the beginning to the end. This collection was intended for a larger audience, so the supply is 12,500 NFTs and most of its items were acquired by airdrop.”

“The intention with Pilots is to unify and grow the community,” said Kronos. He added: “We want the artwork of these NFTs to be close enough to perfection that the user decides to display them as a profile image and thus generate a contagion effect.”

As a novel feature, these NFTs can be customized in all their features by the holders. “Each pilot can be staked to generate ‘faction token’ rewards, which are points that are mainly used to reveal the pilot, open boxes and lock the traits that the owners of the NFTs like the most,” described Kronos.

The Operators’ Co-leader also said that Pilot Core – an item that can be purchased on the Marketplace – will soon be available for burning so that staking rewards can be changed from faction points to graphite.


Taiyo Robotics, volume of 388K SOL, with 2121 items
Taiyo Pilots, volume of 820K SOL with 12.500 items
Taiyo Infants, volume of 196K SOL with 1499 items
Taiyo Oil, volume of 189K SOL with 2226 items
Taiyo Armory parts, volume of 940 SOL with 966 items



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