SPOZZ has strengthened ties with the MadKids project, whose main pillar is education in the entire web 3.0 ecosystem (cybersecurity, DeFi, trading, strategic analysis, etc.). Both projects value education and will support each other through the different services and benefits they will develop in the future.


From this agreement, in the future, one of the possibilities is that SPOZZ members can access courses organized by MadKids with specialists in trading, DeFi, cybersecurity, technical and fundamental analysis. Also, SPOZZ members could give talks on NFTs linked to the music market.

As @Neurystic -leader of MadKids- told SPOZZ blog, education is a fundamental pillar for his project: “We allocate an important part of the resources to bring courses from the best professionals in each sector, with the intention of training the community to be able to have a good financial health and manage their portfolio autonomously”.

On the other hand, @Neurystic indicated that everyone is invited to join MadKids, both as a holder and as a team. “Proof of this is the DAO we have with the OGs; all the decisions we make in the project, in relation to investments, courses, collaborations, etc., are discussed with the most active members to create a system by and for everyone”.

Regarding investments, the founder of MadKids explained: “They will be made at the project level with accounts open to all holders, where they will be able to see the operations that are carried out in different areas. The idea is to diversify and decentralize these investments in order to obtain benefits in different ways.

In Neurystic’s words, “part of the profits generated will be shared directly with the holders, who will have the opportunity to learn on a recurring basis about the operations carried out, the methodology, the risk study and many other topics carried out directly by the professionals of the investment groups”.

From this collaboration between SPOZZ and MadKids, both projects and both communities will support each other. This strategic union, in turn, fosters the growth of the Spanish-speaking NFT communities.

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