The first 100 SPOZZ avatars are already on the way, coming from different parts of the multiverse. Some of them will also be from the planet Earth. Together, they will represent different arts, cultures, species, and friendly collections… And they will bring many utilities, as they are the key within the SPOZZ.club ecosystem. 

What do you value more in NFTs? Utility or art? Art or being part of a great community…? Perhaps it’s much better not to have to choose between one or the other; to be able to have many utilities, great art, and also be part of a great Club? Well, each of the 10,000 avatars that are making the SPOZZ NFT collection will bring all of that with them. 

In this article, we anticipate some of their powers: 

  • They will be the key to entering SPOZZ.club and those holders who register will be able to vote on the future development of the Club and influence important decisions. 
  • They will give access to the Airdrop of 50,000 SPOZZ token units, where they can be stake, or they can be exchanged on the secondary market or used within the SPOZZ ecosystem. 
  • They will be an oracle on the launch and pre-sale of new projects on SPOZZ. 
  • They will give free access to selected music and video streaming services on the platform. 
  • They will provide an exclusive package of tools in the Tokenizzer, the SPOZZ multichain launchpad. 
  • And many other utilities.


Avatars come from different parts of the Universe and the multi-metaverse. Among them, there will be representatives of our own Earth. But others will originate from the SPOZZ world, whose civilization has overcome dark instances in the past and currently lives in harmony with nature, art and has a technology superior to that known to humans. 

In SPOZZ Planet, digital development took place several centuries ago, so long ago, they began to create metaverses and parallel universes. And at a time when humans on Earth were beginning to master agriculture and become sedentary, the SPOZZ civilization began a reverse path, becoming nomads, but no longer moving across the face of their own planet, but across sidereal space. 

In their travels, they have met hundreds of worlds and dozens of new civilizations, hidden behind various constellations. Among them, humans… At what point did they discover Earth and make contact with us?  

Perhaps, they have been here for a long time and are scattered among our civilization. Possibly, there are hybrids, a common lineage between the inhabitants of both planets. And, perhaps, there are earthlings who look up at the stars and feel a deep nostalgia, as if something deep in their souls knows that over there, far away, is their old and true home…. 

Perhaps, you read these words and have felt something like this when looking at the night sky… Perhaps this is not only a story before and after our time, but a story that crosses us and concerns all of us.


In the first Batch, we will get to know some of the attributes that the Avatars will have. But, then, new generations of Avatars will come, each one of which will have a fragment of history to reveal… 

One of the attributes will be related to the Origin, which can be: 

  • Planet Earth
  • SPOZZ Planet
  • SPOZZ Metaverse
  • Visitors (visitors represent friendly collections). 

On the other hand, there will be cyborgs, mutants, mongrels. Also, human representatives or very close to human genetics…  

And all this starts with the first 100. The first 100 Avatars among 10,000. Very soon, the avatars will come to us with a challenge, not only for their history and art, but also for the great utilities they will offer us. 

Needless to say, you are invited to join the SPOZZ community here.