SPOZZ.club founder and investor, Christian Mueller –@1spozz– talked about what’s been built and all that’s to come: what the SPOZZ ecosystem will bring to creators and artists, the features of the SPOZZ token, how the team is made up, and much more…

On Sunday, March 19 at 8pm CET, a Twitter Space from the Marketland project’s took place, where Nicolás Bibbó –@NicoBellick7, the Marketland’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)-, interviewed the founder of SPOZZ.club.

In this presentation, Christian Mueller explained that he started founding SPOZZ.club a year and a half ago, “We believe that the market and the current ways in which artists and musicians monetize their activities can be improved, so we are creating a Web3 ecosystem and are building a community where artists can distribute their works, especially in the field of music and digital art.”

According to @1spozz, investors, creators and users will be able to benefit from the SPOZZ ecosystem. For their part, artists will be able to build a community of followers and fans with whom they will have more direct contact compared to today.

At the same time, artists will have much more opportunities to monetize their work and content, as SPOZZ.club will be like a social network with an NFT marketplace, where it will be possible to pay with cryptos, with the future SPOZZ.token and with other payment methods as well.

“Nowadays, independent artists have to put a lot of money in their hands to become known,” Christian Mueller said. He added, “We intend to launch a beta version of the SPOZZ marketplace in the next few months with what we call an artist page. On this, there will be a number of tools and options that will be very useful for artists.” 


According to Christian Mueller, the SPOZZ token will have a fixed supply that will be distributed on the Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain.

“One of the uses of this token is that it can be used to incentivize artists and users. It can also be used to buy and sell NFTs and pay for services within the NFT ecosystem,” Mueller said.

“In addition, the SPOZZ token will be used to distribute the net profits generated on the platform to investors, i.e. those who purchased NFTs from SPOZZ or invested in the company as a member of SPOZZ.club,” he added.

As @1spozz explained, profits will be distributed as soon as they are generated, “We will calculate the costs and revenues of the platform every month.”

Meanwhile, on the SPOZZ platform, it will be possible to bridge between the SPOZZ token and other currencies. Initially, it will start with the Ethereum pair.  “We will start with the SPOZZ/ETH pair because you have to have liquidity to open any pair. As the ecosystem grows, we will open more trading pairs.”


“Currently, most of the SPOZZ team is working on the development of various platforms and products, such as the “Tokenizzer” (multi-chain launchpad), the marketplace, and a streaming service through which music and video NFTs can be played,” @1spozz said.

On the other hand, about 10 people are currently working in SPOZZ’s marketing and administrative departments, while SPOZZ also has external consultants such as lawyers and tax specialists. 

“I am very happy with the team we have now,” said @1spozz. And he pointed out, “We’re open to adding more people, because we’re going to need more local representatives in addition to the ones we have now.”


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