You will soon be able to receive the first keys for access to the exclusive SPOZZ Club. 250 SPOZZies known as Pioneers – Batch 1 – will be available for sale. Each owner enjoys extensive benefits throughout the SPOZZ ecosystem and shares in the profits made.

Over the past year, SPOZZ.club has made significant progress in developing a Web3 ecosystem tailored to creators and artists. With the sale of the first batch of its NFT collection, SPOZZ takes another step towards building its thriving community, which will have access to numerous benefits and new tools for connection, trading, and monetization.

Below are the numerous benefits available to owners of each SPOZZ NFT:

1- Access to SPOZZ club membership, which distributes a maximum of 10,000 places worldwide. Registered members have the opportunity to vote on important decisions.

2- Right to claim 5,000 SPOZZ tokens.

3- Owners who stake their SPOZZ tokens will receive a share of the SPOZZ ecosystem’s profits.

4- Early access to new projects within the SPOZZ ecosystem.

5- Free or priority access to releases or offers from artists and creators within the SPOZZ ecosystem.

6- No fees for NFT trading in the first year of operation of the SPOZZ marketplace.

7- 50% discount on sales and minting fees during the first 15 months of the SPOZZ multi-chain Marketplace’s operation.

8- Free subscription to the Artist “Gold” plan for the first year of this service.

9- 10% discount at the SPOZZ Merchandise store. 

10- Early participation in new NFT releases on the marketplace.

11- Priority admission and discounts at events, concerts, and parties organized by the SPOZZ community.

12- Access to private presentations, masterclasses, creative workshops, training and other exclusive online or IRL events with SPOZZ.club artists.

13- Priority help and guidance within the SPOZZ Club ecosystem during the first year of operation.

14- Exclusive promotional offers from the SPOZZ platform and/or its partner.


– The SPOZZ Club NFT collection was created on SPOZZ.club’s own multi-chain launchpad: Tokenizzer

– It consists of 10,000 unique NFTs that allow each item, in addition to the SPOZZ.club membership and all its benefits, to also be used as a PFP (Profile Picture) to present yourself to other members of the SPOZZ community and the Web3 community and to identify yourself.

– It will be released in different batches.

– Batch 1 (Pioneers) consists of 250 NFTs and will be available for sale soon.

– 500 NFTs from Batch 0 (Genesis) were previously minted, but these are not for sale. These NFTs are intended for marketing incentives and collaborations and each member of the SPOZZ team received a SPOZZie.



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