SPOZZ.club, a start-up project driven by members of the NFT community, innovative artists and music industry professionals is set to make waves in the world of blockchain, music and digital media.

By harnessing state of the art Web3 technologies, SPOZZ is crafting an ecosystem tailored explicitly for the creative minds and artists, facilitating swift, hassle-free, and secure creation and trade.

The SPOZZ.club NFT Marketplace is the first in its kind to offer a comprehensive peer-to-peer licensing framework for different categories of digital creations such as Music, Audiobooks, Videos, Photography and other media products.

For digital creators, SPOZZ.club offers a broad set of tools to enable them to create, distribute, monetize, and manage digital content using digital certificates registered in public blockchains easily and securely. 

Users can license or invest in digital content with small amounts using peer-to-peer micropayments provided by the SPOZZ Token payment system. Payments between creators, users and investors can be done both off-chain on the SPOZZ Mobile App and on-chain for digital commerce and trading. SPOZZ tokens can be purchased by Credit Card or other Cryptocurrencies from SPOZZ.club and redeemed at the same purchase price of 1 USD Cent.

At time of the launch of the first release, the SPOZZ.club marketplace offers already a broad set of features to its user community:

  • Visualize NFTs of the blockchains ETH, Polygon, BSC.

  • NFT Media Gallery with various filtering options, Search Features.

  • Buy/Sell, Bid/Accept Bid, Transfer and Archive NFTs.

  • NFT creation (ERC 721, ERC 1155) on ETH/Polygon/BSC.

  • Metadata compatible with both Web3 and Music Industry Commons.

  • Full multimedia features (Audio, Video, Images) up to 500 MB per NFT.

  • Creation of own NFT collection as ERC721, ERC1155 smart contracts.

  • Creation of virtual collections (on SPOZZ 1155 contract).

  • Import of existing NFT collections on ETH, Polygon, BSC.

  • Create entire NFT Minting Projects (-see Tokenizzer Features).

  • Create NFT drops with limited number of copies or max. minting time.

  • Create NFTs or Drops with different licenses for each media categories.

  • Unlockable Media Content Option (only current NFT owner sees content).

  • Choose from predefined licensing schemes per NFT category.

  • Curators Lists (media, or multiple media playlists) managed by Curators.

  • Automatic Import of owned NFTs (ERC 721, ERC 1155).

  • Social Media Features (Follow, Chat, Friends, User profile, Artist page).

  • Artist data management features (Community creation, management).

  • Artist tools to create their web presence/store on SPOZZ.club.

  • Artist Marketing features (Fan Registration, Special Deals, etc.)

  • Any Wallet NFT Viewer (shows all NFTs of any wallet).

  • Any Collection NFT viewer (shows all NFTs of any contract).

  • Connect with Social Media Profiles.

  • Artists can link and import content from third party Web2 platforms.

  • Artists can consolidate all their NFT offerings on their artist page.

  • Transaction History/Activity Log.

  • Support Portal/Helpdesk.

  • Enforcing of creator Royalties in secondary trading.

  • Artist verification (mandatory to get artists status, for quality and trust).

  • Optional user verification (real KYC verification, status is shown for trust).

  • Artist Gallery with search and filtering.

  • Choose your language (E/Sp.)

  • Choose dark mode/normal mode.

  • Set NFT as profile picture.

  • Share NFTs via Social Media, E-Mail.

  • SPOZZ-Merchandising.

  • Artist Merchandising.

  • SPOZZ Blog


In general, The SPOZZ.club marketplace was created for artists and fans. It offers full multimedia capabilities, direct artist and fan interaction and peer-to-peer commerce and payment. Its system architecture was built with the goal of providing a strong and flexible foundation to add many future services around the creation, monetization, and exchange of digital media.

Some of the unique features that are available from the beginning on the SPOZZ marketplace are:

Unlockable media content: Creating digital works with unlockable content: This means creators can include content that is only visible to those who own the asset as an NFT. Once a buyer sells the NFT, the content will no longer be accessible to the seller, but to the buyer.

Creation of smart contracts by any SPOZZ user: Any user can create its own smart contract as a collection on the marketplace on any of the three supported chains. NFTs can then be added to this smart contract by the owner of the collection.

Alternatively, users can create NFTs on the SPOZZ collective smart contract if they want to avoid the gas fees to create their own contract. Users can also create virtual collections on the SPOZZ collective smart contract. 

NFT-Drops: SPOZZ creators can easily initiate NFT drop projects by adding content (e.g. an MP3 song, Video or Podcast), choosing the media category and the licensing terms. In an NFT drop the NFT is minted in the moment of selling the asset. The gas fees are paid by the buyer.

Curator Lists: The SPOZZ marketplace allows users to create lists of digital assets they like (they don’t have to own those assets) and segment them by categories of photography, music, or otherwise they desire. Curators can comment on assets and give personal reviews and recommendations. A curator list of music, created on SPOZZ would be the equivalent concept of a Music Playlist, currently used by several streaming services. Such a playlist will be synchronized to the SPOZZ music streaming App.

Artist-/Fan interaction: Currently dominant music or video streaming platforms do not allow direct artist fan interaction, and they hide the user data from the content creators, to protect their advertisement-based business model. SPOZZ.club allows the fans to opt-in to direct communication, interaction and commerce with artists and content creators. Artists, given such permissions to interact directly may market their offerings directly to their fan base on SPOZZ.  

SPOZZ.club is providing a comprehensive set of tools to the artists to create and manage their storefront on SPOZZ with offerings such as drops, NFTs offerings, special deals, merchandising, events, online interactions and community building. 

Community based movement: SPOZZ Club has its own NFT collection. Anyone who owns their own SPOZZie is member of the Social club and benefits from numerous advantages and rewards across the entire SPOZZ ecosystem. SPOZZ members are also encouraged to participate in the development of the SPOZZ Ecosystem by voting, volunteering and even by providing certain services that will be rewarded in SPOZZ tokens. SPOZZ members can decide about the future directions of the project and are rewarded for their membership by the pay-out of surplus profits through a staking mechanism to the token holders.

SPOZZ Music Streaming App: The SPOZZ Music Streaming App, soon available for Android and Apple iOS, marks the beginning of a series of services enabling direct monetization of NFT-licensed media for users beyond the existing Web3 community. Notably, no cryptocurrency wallet will be required for streaming and sharing music through the SPOZZ App.


In this intermediary-free landscape, creators, fans, and investors engage directly, empowering them to collaboratively determine which artists to support, follow, or invest in. The SPOZZ Marketplace significantly expands opportunities for creative individuals. 

If you have connections with musicians or artists, consider sharing this article with them to help them tap into these cutting-edge technologies, unlock their creative potential, and bolster their income prospects.

The Web3 revolution is already underway, and if you’re eager to be part of this thrilling movement, we extend a warm invitation for you to join the SPOZZ Club today.