Soon, the first Batch of the Tony Emotions comic will be sold out and one more step will be taken towards the establishment of Tony Stories: the parent project that seeks to create several stories linked to Web3. To celebrate this event, the project managers will raffle 50 NFTs worth approximately 3 ETH.

It all started with a spin-off project called Tony Emotions, which was inspired by the Punks Comics success story. A few months later, the community was growing and the founders envisioned the possibility of creating something much bigger: a sort of “Marvel” from which several NFT comics could emerge.

This matrix project took the name of Tony Stories, in clear reference to the first comic that began to be created almost a year ago and, today, is well known among the Hispanic NFT community. The founding partner of Tony Stories, @PadawanStories, told SPOZZ Blog: “We realized that we could do something much bigger than just a comic and, in fact, we have already started doing stories related to other NFT projects.

As an example of how Tony Emotions had managed to position itself within a few months of its origin, towards the end of last year, this project won the award for best Spanish-language Derivative Collection at the Global NFT Awards -since Tony Emotions emerged as a derivative project of NSUJPG, the project conceived by entrepreneur and influencer Euge Oller-.

 “Those who trusted us a year ago when we started Tony Emotions will have a special recognition when the NFTs of the parent project are minted, since for each Tony Emotions NFT they have from Batch 1 they will receive an airdrop of a Tony Stories NFT,” said Padawan.

Another benefit that holders of the first Batch will have is that, once sold out, they will participate in a drawing for 50 NFTs, which have an estimated value of 3 ETH.


  • 10 NSUJPG NFTs (among them, 1 gold).
  • 10 NFTs from Bookers.
  • 10 Readonly NFTs from Tony Emotions.
  • 10 NFTs of NOAJPG.
  • 10 NFTs of Comic#2 of Merlin the Magician.


The date of the drawing will depend on when Batch 1 is sold out. “For example, if the soldout occurs on the weekend of March 25, we will do the drawing the following weekend. So, for the time being, there is no definite date,” explained the founding partner of Tony Emotions.

According to the scheme established by the directors of Tony Stories, it will be much more difficult to obtain an NFT from the parent project for those who do not have one of the 780 NFTs that make up the first Tony Emotions Batch. In addition, Tony Stories NFTs obtained by holders of the first Batch will have a special fund. 

Tony Emotions NFTs are sold progressively by chapters. From chapter 7 onwards, the NFTs correspond to the second Batch. From then on, the holders of the second Batch will have to burn 10 NFTs if they want to get an NFT from the parent project (Tony Stories) and the same will happen with the NFTs of other comics released by the project.


Since its beginnings, the Tony Emotions project has been characterized by supporting the projects of its holders, conducting interviews and creating synergies. This utility, logically, is maintained in the project now evolved to Tony Stories.

Holders also have access to project WLs and sweepstakes, as well as to games within the community. On the other hand, depending on the number of Tony Stories NFTs they own, they will have different levels of discounts on the purchase of the comics generated by the parent project. 

“Another very interesting utility for those who are NFT holders of the parent project is that not only will they have greater discounts on future comics, but they will also be able to minter the first editions of each comic, which will be the most exclusive NFTs of each collection,” @PadawanStories told SPOZZ Blog. Meanwhile, team members assure that more utilities will be revealed in the future.

Official links to the Tony Stories project:

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*This article is informative and does not represent investment advice. Everyone should do their own research and act according to their own knowledge, preferences and financial situation.