On February 5, the Degends project -which seeks to create an exclusive club for investors- sold out the first round of the private sale in less than 30 seconds. Meanwhile, this Sunday, February 19, will be the second round, in which another 120 NFTs of this collection created in the Polygon network will be put on sale.

Degends represents an exclusive investors’ club, which will consist of 1000 seats (1000 NFTs). According to its creators, holders will have access to 12 utilities, including the possibility to participate in tokenized real estate investments.

In the first round of the private sale, the 120 NFTs available for sale were mined in just 24 seconds. In this regard, @GuilleCripto -CEO and founder of Degends- commented for SPOZZ Blog: “For the whole team it was a very intense few days, with a lot of work. As can always happen, we had to solve last-minute problems. Beyond that, we knew it was quite feasible to sell out, but we didn’t expect it to be in just 24 seconds.”

In the midst of the bear market for the crypto and NFT ecosystem, the community’s interest in participating in this first round was notorious. 

“We had a lot of registration requests for this first stage. Therefore, we decided to limit mintages to a maximum of 3 per wallet to try to allow more people to participate. Even so, out of a total of almost 500 people registered, more than half of them did not manage to mint”, said @GuilleCripto.

This Sunday, February 19, the second phase of the private sale will take place. “In this second stage, another 120 NFTs can be mined and, although these two phases will be carried out in a short time, we believe we can match the feat and sell out in a few seconds,” he analyzed.

The CEO of Degends assured that the sold-out achieved is an extra motivation to start offering content they have been working on for a long time and invited the readers of the SPOZZ blog to visit the Degends Discord server so they can learn a little more about the project.

With the second round on Sunday, February 19, in case of a new sold out, Degends will complete the mining of 27 percent of its total collection, since, in addition to the 120 NFTs put up for sale in each round, 30 more were mined during the first stage, which will be distributed among the team, airdrops, and marketing in equal amounts (10-10-10).


The Degends utilities were revealed in stages and there are still some to be revealed. So far, the project has indicated that holders will be able to participate in real estate investments with an entry barrier of 100 euros. The first properties will be acquired in Tulum (Mexico) and the funds obtained from rentals and sales will be distributed among investors in the form of dividends. 

Moreover, they will have access to all paid training courses provided by Trifasicko (except for the current campus), which comprise more than 100 hours of lessons on DEFI, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. 

Holders will also have access to all the team’s alpha calls. In these alpha calls, the team will look for opportunities to generate profitability and make highly speculative short-term investments. 

Meanwhile, holders will be able to stake their NFTs and obtain profits from royalties, future airdrops from the collection, and other funds that will be dedicated to this staking. 

Of course, beyond the utilities indicated by the Degends team and those that will be announced in the near future, this article is informative and does not represent investment advice. Everyone should do their research and act according to their knowledge, preferences, and financial situation.