During 2023, the Askur Temple project will seek to launch its NFT collection on the market. According to its founders, in the long term, they will seek to create a brand in the Web3 sector that offers products and services in both the virtual and non-virtual worlds. 

In the first instance, Askur Temple plans to offer two utilities to NFT holders: the possibility of participating in sweepstakes and, on the other hand, access to books related to crypto, finance, and economics.

Jaime Orellana @JaimeRVC-, founder of Askur Temple, told SPOZZ Blog how he came up with the idea of developing this project: “Since 2018 I have been studying the basics of the crypto sector and I fell in love with this technology. Also, I consider that NFTs open the door to endless possibilities. We just had to think about offering something useful to the community and Askur was born.”

In 2023, Askur’s NFT collection, which will have a supply of 2,500 NFTs, is scheduled for release. “In the case of our project, since we don’t need the funds from mining for development, we are not in a hurry to sell out, so the main objective this year is simply to start working,” said Orellana. 

In the long term, the founder indicated that “we will seek to create a reference brand in the Web3 sector that offers products and services from which the holders can always be benefited”.


The Askur Temple team is made up of Borja G. @borllata19-, CEO; Daniel M. – @Danii19468363-, founder; and Jaime Orellana, also a founder. According to their plan, once sold out, they will start regular raffles among their holders. 

Meanwhile, holders of the NFT collection will also be able to access a library that, initially, will be composed of approximately 50 books related to financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economics, and economic psychology. “The library will always be updated with new content and priority will be given to members’ requests,” @JaimeRVC specified.

On the other hand, Orellana added: “In addition to these two fundamental pillars of utility on which Askur is based, we are working on generating another utility that we consider very interesting and that we will announce later.”

According to the founders of Askur Temple, another purpose of the project is to create a community where holders can interact and have fun. In this sense, they state that they will develop mini-games such as billiards and ping pong so that members can participate for free or bet the amount they want in two-on-two games.

“With this project, we will seek to offer a space where members can feel at ease,” said Jaime Orellana. He added: “Another facet of Askur Temple is that thanks to the agreement with the Restaurando Futuro foundation, we will support young Colombians at risk of exclusion through digital creation and blockchain.”

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