@MadLadsNFT has achieved the milestone of outselling Bored Ape (BAYC) in its first days on the market. As a considerable tidbit, the founders announced that they had achieved 7879 unique holders after mining. The next day, April 22, sales had exceeded $5 million.

In the short history of NFTs, when looking at the list of NFT collections with the highest sales volume, the usual thing is to see a total dominance of collections on the Ethereum network; CryptoPunks, then BAYC and all the projects that were emerging and/or remaining under the wing of Yuga Labs, among others… Therefore, the irruption of Mad Lads generated a great impact, achieving that a collection on the Solana network topped the list with more than 8000 transactions on its first day.

One week after its launch, the floor price of the Mad Lads collection is at 89 SOL. One of the particularities of this collection is that its founders tried to reach a high number of unique owners. In this sense, shortly after the mining, they announced on the Discord server the existence of 7879 unique holders and that they had made efforts to avoid bots during the mining. 

Currently, as seen on Magic Eden, the collection has 4326 owners. As a recent news it was announced that the official Solana Mad Lads validator was up and running and ready to put SOL in stake


The Mad Lads collection belongs to BackPack –@xNFT_Backpack-, an open source multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that is available as a Chrome extension. 

In BackPack, the Mad Labs collection has been minted and its reveal has also been performed there. It is worth mentioning that BackPack, in turn, was developed by Coral, which is the team that has been dedicated to the development of the so-called xNFTs.

According to its creators, xNFTs represent a simple and powerful idea that can generate a great change in the Web3. In a play on words, they claim that xNFTs are just applications but, at the same time, much more than that.

The X in xNFTs stands for eXecutable (executable code), which represents ownership rights over its execution. An xNFT can be a game, an NFT gallery or a cryptocurrency price tracker: anything that can be written with executable code. 

In this way, Coral set out to create an ecosystem of applications, protocols and tools for developers. In a first phase, they started experimenting with wallets.

According to them, their developments would provide a solution to one of the complications of the Web3 ecosystem, where there is a great diversity of protocols in different chains and it is difficult to integrate them, making product management and innovation difficult.

Therefore, they set out to create a wallet where all cryptoassets could be used and, hence, the emergence of BackPack. On their official website, they claim, “Imagine if you could manage your Mango margin accounts, staking your DeGods, or viewing your Magic Eden listings not in a web view, but natively in a single interface. Imagine if you wanted to create your own token protocol with your own touch without having to convince everyone else to implement it.”


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